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Why Might You or Family/Friends Want to Consider Counseling?


Many people do not participate in counseling because they think they can manage their physical and emotional issues on their
own.  Or, they have never been to counseling, and do not know what to expect or some believe they may be criticized for asking for help.  

If you feel uncertain about whether or not you should start
receiving support, see if you can relate to any of the statements below.  These are issues that have been brought to Denver Diabetes Counseling by Diabetics (Types 1 and 2) and their loved ones...

* How will I live with this disease?  
* Will I still be able to do everything?
* How did I get this disease?  Why me? 
* Is my life totally going to change? 
* Can I still play my favorite sport?
* Do I have to stop eating my favorite foods; does my diet have to change

* I'm scared of giving shots, or shots hurt!!
* How do I incorporate exercise, diet restrictions in daily routines after all
  these years?

* I keep forgetting, making mistakes with my medications.
* Very anxious about complications that may arise from Diabetes, such
  as eye/kidney disease or 
sexual issues.
* High amount of tension/stress when dealing with health insurance,
  especially the pharmacy
* I am ashamed because I am not financially stable, and I have to
  depend on others to pay for my
health insurance, medical expenses.
* I do not want to gain weight; I have gained a significant amount of

* I Feel like I have had Diabetes forever, and it is just getting more

* I don't like counting carbs, and I feel like I never get it right!

* No matter how hard I try, I canít get that A1C down!!
* Intimate/Sexual issues that I feel are too private to discuss with my
  regular doctors or
endocrinologists  (i.e.erectile dysfunction

* I just want to give up, even though I know the consequences.
* How will I be able to retire, stop working, and still afford medical
  expenses and supplies?

* Can we still go on vacation?

* My mood goes up and down when my blood sugar is at certain levels,
  and I canít explain why.

* Iím sick of giving shots all day, everydayÖ

* Iím ambivalent about the insulin pump and/or other transitions I am
  making in regards to my
Iím embarrassed to inform school officials, friends or other adults about

* Iím embarrassed to take shots/medication or eat snacks in front of 

* I feel anxious or embarrassed about sleeping over at a friendís

* I do not want to give my own shot or giving blood tests? 
* How can I get my family to trust me to take good care of myself?
* I feel like a burden to my family; I feel guilty about the costs of my

* I feel guilty that my family has to restrict or change many activities
  because of me.

* How do I cope with peer pressure? Will drinking alcohol and/or taking
  drugs affect my Diabetes?

* How to cope with the transition of a family member being newly
  diagnosed with Diabetes?

* How will I tell a new partner/love that I have Diabetes.
* Iím afraid I will not be able to provide adequate healthcare
  services/supplies for my Diabetic
* How will I let go of taking care of my Diabetic child; will my child be able
  to take care of
him/herself in the future?
* I feel like my family/friends donít understand that there are some
  limitations associated
with diabetes.
* My diabetic brother/sister gets much more attention than I do.
* My parent only pays attention to my Diabetes, but not to other aspects
  of who I am.

* Is my Diabetic child lying to me about diet, exercise, etc.
* I donít want to be too hard on my Diabetic child, or am I overly critical of
  my Diabetic child.

* I blame myself for my Diabetic childís complications.
* I am having much difficulty with Intimate relationships and my partner is
  having a hard time dealing with all of this.

* Iím afraid I will hurt my partner during sex; Iím worried that my partner is
  afraid to have sex with
* I no longer feel attracted or attractive to my partner.

For more information of how Diabetes affects our emotions and vice versa, click here.

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